Our home-based business offers self-catering accommodation in Strand Beach, in the beautiful City of Cape Town. We are surrounded by incredible mountain views and some of the best wineries in the world. You also experience the most exquisite beach time when you book with us. Water sports are widespread in summer because of the relatively warm water; in winter, you can enjoy long, serene walks and breathtaking sunsets. Our Units are all within a minute’s walk from Beach Road by the sea.

In addition to self-catering accommodation, the OysterCatcher team also offers private local tours. We are also the Helderberg Area distributor of the most exquisite Millstone flour, which we use in all our homemade goods from rusks, bread, and pizza, and we love it! 

Last but not least, OysterCatcher Hugo Projects & Designs can provide you with unique, custom-made, practical, and long-lasting pieces of furniture.

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132 De Beers Road, Strand, Cape Town

Every Sunset is Unique... Like the OysterCatcher Self-Catering Accommodation in Strand Beach & Hugo Project Designs